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Antique Walnut Bunk Bed - Classy Furniture

While furnishing a room, one has to bear in mind that all the furniture placed therein must blend well with the other furniture in the room and the color of the paint of the walls too.  Even if one piece of furniture does not match the theme, the entire beauty of the room is lost.  Therefore, while choosing a bunk bed for your children’s room you must carefully pick one that acts as a center of attraction and not an item that spoils the splendor of the room.  Buy an antique walnut bunk bed, which has simple classy designs that would gel with any theme well.

An antique walnut bunk bed is a very sturdy bed, which comes in the traditional dark wood color.  The hardwood used on this type of a bed makes it easy to option.  Moreover, this variety of the wood is among the long lasting ones.

If you are facing a space constraint, then you could opt for the twin over twin bunk bed in antique walnut - Windsor from our site, which has twin beds one on top of another.  This simple looking classic bed is high on durability with a number of steel crossties to bear the weight and pressure of your children.  The stylish arcs on either ends of the bed make this otherwise plain looking bed a striking piece of fixture in your room.

We also offer you the twin over full bunk bed in antique walnut - Columbia for children having a wider age difference between them.  This is a great option for those who are looking out for a twin bed over their full bed.  For instance, families living in a single room apartment would love this kind of an arrangement where the child sleeps on the upper twin bunk and the parents sleep on the lower full bunk.  The inclined ladder in this strong wooden framed bed offers greater support while climbing.  A twin over full bunk bed is preferred over a twin over twin bunk bed as the former helps to maintain a better balance due to its wider base. 

On our site you will also find a full over full bunk bed in antique walnut - Columbia for those of you for whom space is not a constraint, but love the bunk bed concept, which creates a warm bond with the other members sharing the room.  This antique walnut bunk bed will last you for nearly a lifetime, as your children will not outgrow this bed.  Further this arrangement of a bunk bed makes use of the entire vertical space available and thereby saves out on the need of a separate room altogether.
Irrespective of the bunk bed configuration you are looking out for, the antique walnut bunk bed is one that is based on solid hardwood mortise and joinery, which make it a must buy.  To enhance the utility of this product further we also offer you the option of buying either storage drawers or a trundle bed.

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