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Benefits of Having a Metal Bunk Bed

When buying any sort of bunk bed you have a choice between metal bunk beds and wood bunk beds.  Both of these materials have their pros and cons.  Metal bunk beds are traditionally cheaper than wooden made bunk beds.  However, metal bunk beds are not necessarily less durable or sturdy than a wooden bunk bed just because they are cheaper.  They are simply cheaper to make and that is why their cost is less than that of wooden bunk beds.  Metal bunks beds will usually cost anywhere between one hundred and fifty dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars.  If you are lucky, you may find one on sale for around one hundred dollars.  These metal bunk beds are usually manufactured over seas in countries such as Taiwan or Mexico and then they are sent to the United States for retail sale.  Any style of bunk bed you need, you can find it in a metal make.  Twin over twin, twin over full, twin over queen, twin over king, futon style bunk beds or an L-shaped bunk bed.

It used to be that metal bunk beds were a square and unimaginative build.  Thankfully, metal bunk beds have a little more style these days.  Metal bunk beds can have just as stylish a build as a wooden bunk bed, if not more.  It is easier for manufacturers to shape the metal into whatever form they like to make the bunk bed look more sophisticated or original.  Of course, you or your children can appreciate a more stylish metal bunk bed.  The metal can also be made in different coats of color.  The most popular colors are solid black metal bunk beds or solid white metal bunk beds.  Metal bunk beds are also more lightweight and easier to move around.  Therefore, if you are the type of person who likes to rearrange their bedroom every so often, a metal bunk bed will pose no heavy lifting on you during this task. 

If you are looking for easy construction, metal is the way to go.  Almost all metal bunk beds will be simple to build.  Basic tools are usually all you need for assembly.  Screwdrivers and pliers are often all one needs to build a metal bunk bed.  Of course, you should always check welds and other points of connection regularly to make sure that the metal bunk bed is maintaining stability.  Twin over twin, twin over full, twin over queen or king or twin over futon bunk beds are easy to assemble.

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