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Building a Bunk Bed

If you are thinking about building your own bunk bed then you will need to have a plan thought out for the construction.  With the cost of everything going up building your own bunk bed is a good way to save money.  By building your own bed, you will not have to pay someone else to come to your home and do it for you.  This job is not that hard to do if you know how to go about it.  First, you will need to sit down and make out a plan for building a bunk bed.  This is a project that you will need to take your time on in order to do the job right.  If you think that you cannot do the job yourself then you should contact someone that can do the job for you. 

When you buy a bunk bed in the store, it will come with plans on how to build it.  Some of these plans may be more useful then others and also help you to put together other features of the bed.  When building a bunk bed yourself it may be easier to build two separate beds of the same size and then put them together.  This will work well unless you are building a twin over full bunk bed and then you will have to make adjustments on the size of the beds before putting them together.  You should make sure that the bunk beds are constructed very sturdy.  Using back springs to secure the bed is a good idea but plywood will also work.  Back springs can make the bed feel more secure and also add comfort to the bed.  One of the main features of a bunk bed should be its safety.  Making sure that it is safe can keep your children out of harms way.  The guard rails of the bed should stay in place and not move when they are pushed on.  The guard rails are also extremely important for keeping the person on top from falling out.  So take some time to make sure they are properly attached to the bed.

Getting together all the tools you need upfront will help you to have everything you need together when building the bunk bed.  You may need wood, screwdrivers, plywood and other things that will be listed in the instructions that come with the bed.  You should always measure the area where the bunk beds will be placed so that you know what size bunk beds will be best for the space.  Remembering these things ahead of time will help you to successfully build a bunk bed.

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