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Bunk Bed Safety is a Must

Bunk beds can be a great addition to any home large or small.  Children love sleeping in bunk beds and they are great space savers.  Kids can turn their bunk beds into any imaginary ship or castle to play on that just is not possible with a traditional bed.  However, you must make sure that any bunk bed you buy for your children is up to certain safety standards.  Knowing that your children will be climbing, playing and sleeping on a bunk bed is reason enough to make sure that the bunk bed you get them is sturdy and reliable.  In fact, taking simple precautions with your children and their bunk bed will save you some worry in the long run.  Whatever style of bunk bed it is, it will need to be looked over and tested for its strengths and any weaknesses.   

One of the biggest safety issues that parents have to worry about in this situation with any type of bunk bed is a fall from the top bunk.  This can happen while your children or playing or while they are asleep if the bed does not have the proper safety bars or safety bars that are sturdy.  A twin over twin bunk bed is almost a guaranteed hit on the floor if your child topples off the top bunk.  A twin over full bunk bed or twin over king or queen bunk bed may save a child from a potential messy fall in some cases.  If a child rolls off the top bunk while sleeping in a twin over full bunk bed, they have a good chance of just bouncing onto the bottom mattress.  Of course, an accident could occur during play where a child falls off the side where the full size mattress will not catch them.  Therefore, you may not want to buy a twin over full bunk bed just for this reason unless it is a sturdy bed all around.  For this reason, you must always make sure that the rails around the top bunk are well in place and that the gaps in the railings are not too far apart.  A railing that has more than a three-inch gap has the possibility of letting a smaller child roll right through.

No matter what style of bunk bed you buy, there are certain things you must always check.  Other than the railing, you will want to check the slats that the upper mattress rest on.  If the slats are easily dislodged on a particular bunk bed, you may want to look at another model.  If the slats are dislodged easily, you may have the situation arise where the child on the top bunk falls onto the child on the bottom bunk.

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