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Bunk Beds in Tight Quarters

If you are having a problem with a crowded bedroom or a crowded home altogether, a bunk bed may help relieve some of the stress.  We all know that smaller spaces and bigger crowds do not mix well.  Thankfully, there are some decent and fairly affordable bunk bed solutions for these problems.  Bunk beds can help free up a great amount of space in a room so that the other furniture that needs to be in that room can fit more easily.  Fitting more than one person to a room can leave those persons in tight quarters.  If you are having tight space situations in any of the rooms in your home, a bunk bed may just be what you need. 

There is quite a large variety of bunk beds and loft beds to choose from when you are looking to economize furniture space a room.  Twin over twin, twin over full and futon style bunk beds are great for rooms with two people sharing that space.  All of these styles of bunk beds come in metal or wood.  These styles of bunk beds can also come equipped with drawers for extra storage space.  In fact, there are even some futon style bunk beds that come with a personal computer storage space which are great for older children or college students.  College students can well appreciate a futon style bunk bed that has a place for their computer.  Dorms can be a cramped place and any young adult will be able to benefit from some saved space.  Twin over twin and twin over full are great option for two people living in the same room.  These beds often come with extra drawers so that there is extra storage space along with saved floor space.  If you have children, a twin over twin or twin over full bunk bed is a wonderful idea. 

If you are in a predicament where you have three people sharing the same room, you may want to consider a triple bunk bed or loft bed.  These beds are great for children’s rooms, dorm rooms, studio apartments or any other home set up with limited space.  These bunk beds are highly space conservative.  These beds are popular for people who are living in a large city and living in small apartments.  Of course, they are also popular for parents that are tight on living space.  These beds sometimes come with extra storage spaces built into the bed, but not always.  This is simply because they are already so compact and the extra storage space is usually taken up by the third bed.

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