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Trundle bunk beds

Tips to enhance your space by using trundle bunk beds

When shifting into a house, we adults usually choose the main room which is big and spacious and our kids have to take the smaller rooms. The smaller rooms have to accommodate our children and often their friends who are sleeping over. Families sometimes shift into a new home with a single child then have to think of an extra space when their family grows! An excellent solution to help you amplify your sleeping space is our ever practical Trundle Bunk Beds. Trundle bunk beds are the ideal way to maximize your relaxing space within the small area available. For babies who are not old enough to sleep on the top bunk, they can sleep on the lower level with their parent or, on the trundle bed beside, to keep vigil!

Our store specializes in Trundle bunk beds which are exceptional in their design and colors. If you have an existing bunk bed matching as per our sizes in natural wood, then our Trundle Bed in Natural would be just apt for a perfect match.

We have trundle bunk beds in many natural hues to complement any room it is fitted in. If one is looking for a Trundle Bed in Cherry for a girl’s room we have just the right products for you. Our cherry trundle bed is very elegantly constructed with neat panel designs to blend into any girl’s bedroom. Having a Trundle bed bunk gives you the authority to save space for other requirements in the room. Instead of a double room if you fit in a twin sized trundle bunk, one can save space for an extra chest of drawers, a small TV or a study desk unit which is a must if the room belongs to a student. Such beds give a clean appearance to the room as one just requires cleaning the bed sheets and closing the drawer back.

The other shades of trundle bunk beds available with us are natural maple, white, oak, walnut, etc. One of our ever popular trundle beds is the Trundle Bed in Chocolate which is a hot time favorite with our clients. The chocolate stain is one which looks pretty among any other furniture in that particular room. The chocolate color is very easy to maintain also. For all our clients’ information, all our stains including the white used for our bunk beds are of a special quality which helps you maintain your furniture very easily. One just requires wiping out any mark of dirt or food. All our trundle beds have been constructed out of superior hardwood and assembled professionally to give you complete flexibility to open and close the bed effortlessly. Besides saving space, a trundle bed saves you the money spent on another individual twin sized bed! Most importantly a trundle bunk bed gives the entire family sleeping together a warm feeling of being united.

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